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Our Staff


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Name/Title Biography
Mrs Kim Hoodless
Executive Headteacher
The Robinswood Primary Academy Trust (The Trust is made up of Robinswood, Waterwells and Hunts Grove Primary Academies)
The Executive Headteacher is responsible for the strategic direction of the three schools which form part of our Multi Academy Trust. Mrs Hoodless took up her post as Executive Headteacher in September 2014 having previously been a Headteacher in the North Cotswolds and then Cheltenham.
Mr Glenn Philcox
Head of School
The Head of School leads and manages the school on a day to day basis in the absence of the Executive Headteacher. Mr Philcox was appointed as our new Head of School in September 2016. He also co-ordinates Key Stage 2 at Robinswood.
Mrs K Whittaker
KS1 Teaching and Learning Lead
Mrs Whittaker is responsible for teaching classes in KS1 lower KS2. She is the Teaching and Learning Lead for KS1 at Robinswood.
Mrs. K. Spendlove
KS2 Lead for the Academy Trust
Mrs. Spendlove has taught for many years at Robinswood and Waterwells. She currently teaches a Year 6 class at Robinswood Primary School and is the KS2 Lead across the Trust.
Mrs Kate Morris
Pre-School Manager
Mrs Morris previously taught for many years in the foundation stage at Robinswood Primary School. She successfully set up the Pre-school and ‘Achieving Two Year Old’s’ group at Waterwells and is also the lead practitioner for the pre-schools across our Trust.
Mrs K Doorbar
Inclusion Manager
Mrs Doorbar is responsible for the ‘inclusion’ of all pupils, leading provision for all pupils identified as vulnerable learners. Mrs Doorbar has taught for many years in a number of special schools, taken on various leadership roles as well as completing a sabbatical for the Welsh Assembly Government.
Teaching Staff


Teacher Teaching Assistant
Mrs. L Thomas
Miss L Dunne
Miss Faye Dangerfield
Mrs Kay Adams
Miss Gabrielle Wallace
Mrs Sarah Burtwell


Teacher Teaching Assistant
Year 1
Mrs H Jones
Miss K Adams
Miss S South
Mr D Enon
Year 2
Mrs K Whittaker
Miss J. Coleman
Mrs. H. Wyatt


Teacher Teaching Assistant
Year 3
Mrs C Holloway
Miss S. Trott
Mrs S Sherratt
Miss C Izatt
Year 4
Mr S Ratcliffe
Mrs. C. Rose
Mrs C Harrison
Year 5
Mr D Hockoday
Miss J Millington
Mrs. G. Taylor
Year 6
Miss J Tremlett
Miss D Talbot

Pre School

Pre-School Key Workers & Groups
Katrina Jackson
Deputy Manager and Key Person for Green and Purple Groups
Sabrina Phillips
Key Person for Red and Orange Groups
Glynis Ireland
Teaching Assistant
Other Roles
Mrs C Enon
SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Timbrell
SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Amos
Learning Support Officer
Mr N Ramsey
Senior Business Administrator
Mr R Cowley
School Business Manager
Mrs S Featherstone
Office Administrator
Miss C Tracey
Office Administrator
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